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Projects carried out


Thanks to the Elsa and Aldo Antognozzi non-profit Foundation, the Family of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (FCIM) realized a number of social utility projects and activities for the promotion of Christian values. These operations took place both in Italy and abroad, funded by the “5x1000” tax contribution and with donations made to the Foundation.

At the FCIM’s “Opera” in Aracaju-Brazil, the Antognozzi Foundation funded professional and technical training, to increase the chances of finding jobs, in an area marked by illiteracy and poverty. In particular, the Foundation promoted a course on advanced computer skills, a course for receptionists, one for domestic helpers and one for arts and crafts.

It also contributed to existing projects at the Opera:

  • the “children ministry”, that provides aid to poor families (clinic visits for children, check-up of their nutritional health, providing for basic food needs, etc.)

  • the “basic basket”, a small basket with food, medicines, school materials, clothing items and other basic necessities

In these years, thanks to the contributions of the Antognozzi Foundation, it has been possible to provide for the sanitary needs for some families and expand the rooms of the Opera dedicated to outreach (a dormitory for 40 people, and refectory for 150 people) and to formation events (an auditorium for about 150 people).

In Italy, the Antognozzi Foundation has supported the formation of seminarians Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of the sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It also promoted the youth initiatives organized at the Opere of the FCIM financing the renovation and completion of the playing fields at the Opera FCIM in Ostuni, and at the Community of Carmiano in Apulia.

In the last few years, the Foundation also sponsored social projects at the Opere of the FCIM in Roma and Montignoso (near Florence), open to everyone but especially aimed at the poor and those in temporary economic difficulties.

The following initiatives are being held at the Opera in Rome:

  • a center for after-school activities, with teachers for assisting students and a space for children to play;
  • social utility and solidarity projects, such as:
    • English and Portuguese classes
    • computer course
    • theater, cooking, painting and sewing workshops

The social project at the Opera in Montignoso was born to take care of the hospitality needs of pilgrims and school groups visiting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima and the adjacent historical and artistic nativity scene. An additional goal is safeguarding traditions and bring people closer to Christian values, also via the organization of workshops for creating hand-made cribs (using materials such as cardboard, cork, plaster, wood), Christmas decorations and other similar items.

Projects carried out


Social project in Rome

An established cultural, formative and educational initiative at the Our Lady of Fatima “Opera” in Villa Troili (Rome), founded by the Foundation
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Thanks to the contribution of the Elsa and Aldo Antognozzi Onlus Foundation, the Community of Servants and Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary present in Carmiano (LE) was able to carry
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To change the world for the better, we must do good to those who are not able to repay us. (Pope Francis, Audience 10-IX-2014). A refectory for about 150 people, which also serves as a meeting area
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